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Human Traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to obtain a form of labor or sexual act. A straightforward definition, it seems.

We like to believe we understand. Shows like Law and Order have provided an authentic view of the trafficking problem. We are privy to the severity of the issue. Right?


Or maybe some of us are aware that reality is exponentially more ominous, so we choose to retreat into denial. Out of sight, out of mind.


You are not alone if you are overwhelmed by a crisis you feel you can’t resolve. But you don’t have to unravel this mess on your own. An entire community of individuals has chosen to fight the good fight by educating themselves on the actualities of the Human Trafficking System and how it trickles down into the lives of the most vulnerable. Forever Cowboys and Rodeo Fame are leaders of this community, and we want to motivate you to join this battle with us.


In future stories, we will be sharing true accounts and statistics to help unmask the horrors of the trafficking world. We will discuss how the Foster System is particularly vulnerable. We will share our plan to maximize the Cowboys’ Influence to stoke a campaign of freedom that is burning brighter each day. And most of all, we will provide a platform for volunteers, contributors, and supporters of this cause, uplifting the creatives that inspire our content and share our passion.


Join the fight.

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